by spyros charmanis

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fataldiz If you mix your Pain of Salvation's and Anathema's thoughts, also adding your personal taste and amazing talent, you can easily create this kind of masterpiece! Outstanding album!
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Morphine Social Club Great prog rock from Greece!
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"Wound" is a concept album focusing around a fictional character, following him through the most innocent of intentions, bad decisions, fracture, contemplation, resolution and moving on.


released September 5, 2012



all rights reserved


spyros charmanis Volos, Greece

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Track Name: Pushing The Sky
Observation, true intention
Put your hand on the moving ground
Alienated, stress related
Makes you feel like you never tried

Disconnected from a world that's turning round
Come to think of it, you've heard before this sound
Don't want to spoil the fun, you'll find it on your own
Get it together, you don't want to miss the show

So long, so wrong

What could be is overrated
Take your place and push the sky
And you feel so elevated
Come and join as we push the sky

Did you ever crush before?
Confuse day with night?
Did you ever see the storm that came inside?

So specific, so terrific
Yet the sign reads: "Tread carefully"
Unless you seen it, unless you've been it
You won't understand its necessity

It's before you, a clear canvas like the sky
But you wonder why there's never dye
The brush is moving, at least the colors aren't wrong
Thoughts arrive to let you shine
Track Name: The Great Outdoors
One sigh comes like an uneasy stitch
One life prepares itself and slips
Before it all begins I think he'd like to say
"It's what it is, no need to place any blame"

Before it all went down, he used to be
so free and careless, so engaging
clear sky above, still ground below
Oh how he used to enjoy the great outdoors

Taking in everything,no need to know anything else, they told him
"You can have anything unless you are behind all these curtains"

Making shapes with a deck of cards
Pushing pins to mark the stars
With bare feet upon his hardwood floors
Oh how he used to love the great outdoors

I will hold down this fortress
Until I remain intact
I will block out all this nonsense
Until I start to snap

What more can I learn on the outside
That I haven't read about already?
I emulate the feelings
and I expect the outcome

Inside, I am mine
I'll stay inside
Track Name: Subconscious
It's one of these nights, swirling around, trying to fit in my one-by-two
And it's two o' clock, many more miles yet to go through
With the road blocks every ten minutes or so
Still speeding too fast to pass them by and say "STOP"!
But this occured to me lately: that's not how you work now is it?
You'd prefer to deter, turn them into bumps so that they won't meet my glare,
with every opportunity missed to stop and think, I get pissed that I can't stall just for once
going round and round, pick one straight line that leads to one sign: "You're going down"

Underneath the ice gets bigger
And it never melts
Underneath I'm growing weaker

Why won't you let me sleep? Another turn, been there, done that, not that it matters
It should be "one more hit and the glass shatters", but no
You let me ramble on and now it's 04:00, way past tha bedtime of broken thought
And still I haven't begun repairing, nothing forms on the empty pallette of the ceiling I'm staring
Agonize over the sour taste you'll leave me in the morning
How many more times until I'm ready? - I'm coming...

Underneath the ice gets bigger
And it never melts
Underneath I'm growing weaker

Nauseous subconscious

Let me go to sleep..
Let me go to sleep..
Track Name: You've Met Someone
This is not my strong suit
I am used to go full blown
Prematurely erected
I can never get connected

You seem like one to believe in
One who knows how to turn the world
Control all that moves around you
Is this what you want inside you?

You've met someone,
but I don't know who that is

This is not how I'm used to
I don't entertain much
And I always look for my exits
But you don't seem to offer me such

You've met someone, but I don't know who that is
Me, or me? Me, or me?

This is not your fault, dear
Salt my wounds now if you dare, and then some
I'll be yours forever
But fuck me why I even care

You've met someone, but I don't know who that is
Me, or me? Me, or me? Me, or me?
Track Name: Better Halves
I'll clean your wounds tomorrow
I'll abide by the rules tomorrow
I'll reap what I've sown tomorrow
I'll take another form tomorrow

But tonight I am on the spotlight
Tonight my suit is pressed and tight

A cure for your broken heart, a song for your better half

Count your losses tomorrow
Seal this with kisses tomorrow
Tonight I'll be a better you
Tonight I'll see my plan through, you see

I am like a sign explainer
A poor enabler
A fine reminder, until I get paid

A mute singer
A vocal signer
A truthful liar with no urge to explain

Say you'll love mine and I'll love yours
Say you'll hate it and I'll hate you too
Can you treat me like a stranger?
Next to you I'm only better

A cure for your broken heart, a song for your better half

And as I hear you stutter
I'm drowning you harder
As I finish what I started
I'm drowning you harder

...And yet this rift restrains me
...find someone to open to
Track Name: Hinder
Is it too much to be asking for?
If I shut up, will these feelings go?
What if I always linger?

Is this going to be permanent?
Will I ever get to make amends?
What if I always deter?

Busy roads make me lazy
Busy people shut me down

Why is it that I crave it so much?
Why does it always have to hurt this bad?
What if I could be different?

Is it too much to be asking for?
If I cave in, will these feelings go?
What if I don't get better?

Busy roads make me lazy
Busy people shut me down
Leaning forward, bleeding inwards
I can't wait to lie down before you

Leaning forward, bleeding inwards
A spectacle for all to see
But why do I care? I'm almost there
Appearing before me is a thick-bricked compound
This building that I've found tickles the memory
I can't wait to walk in
I can't wait to lie down
And pour out constantly

Abusive facts, I kid you not
Disrupt my entire train of thought
And huge amounts of information
Coming into my direction, I try to process

I blink and blink,they move away
Unable, I perpetuate
It cannot change and so can't I
Discern concern, but lazy I am moving past it

I should try going slow
Brick by brick I'll cut the flow
The question is, what will I build?
A cage, a home, or a playhouse for the mentally departed?

It's hard to form cohesive thoughts
Sometimes I can barely connect the dots
Maybe I am a drama queen
But lately I've been feeling like a house that's haunted

I've met someone, you know, it's going well
She's not perfect, but I understand
A perfect outlet she might be
What's that they say, project and relocate the problem?

I know, I know, I'm talking shit
There is still hope for sympathy
Read me please and tell me why
I fantasize about release, when I'll see her battered?

I hope I didn't get you scared
I know sometimes I get unfair
And hinder my own clarity
There's nothing you can do for me, I will stop sharing
Track Name: Open Wound
Underneath the blankets, the blackest of drones
It runs in circles and shortens the flow
It plays in silence, it shows in the dark
It reads between the lines and tears will apart

Cross your heart and hope to die?
Stick a needle in your eye?

Maybe I could show you the size of my heart
It grows three sizes, then drops down to half
Spills on top of piano keys, ties around the strings
Makes a morbid statement and adopts all living things

(It might pass, it needs time) Cross your heart and hope to die?
(It feeds off a broken mind) Stick a needle in your eye?

It won't pass, it doesn't need time
It breeds in circles, it becomes sublime

It's funny how looking back I feel like my choices don't deserve me
My diary stuffed with bad years, flowers that didn't grow
With winter impending

And comes the time when I don't scare off saying I am afraid
Maybe this is a step forward by itself?

I was meant to push the sky
But maybe the sky is pushing me

No desires, no direction, no tomorrow
My wound is open

Say it's not so
Say it's not so
Track Name: Our Time Expires
Day and night collides
Oh, so beautiful
Our time expires

Breathe out through fire
Breathe in again
Our time expires

Meant to retire
Many days ago
Our time expires

Break lights get brighter
On my face they are
Our time expires

So calm before the storm
So proud, but overgrown
Resentful and detached from any form
Roadkill ever since you were born
Track Name: September
You formed the structure that breeds destruction.
It comes crushing down.
Push the words to paper.
Track Name: Exit Wound
It doesn't feel like home anymore
Despite all the things he brought indoors
The past tense is aching
Unease as to what the next day holds

He sits and counts the stars above
The ceiling that holds him under
Four walls reflect his flaws
And a floor as cold as murder

Awake in bed he blinks away
Hating he's so juvenile
Examples brought to stop the rain
And force him to simplify

Not brave enough to face the fact
He had always what he wanted
A piece of paper stands intact
And a feeling of 'how much longer?'

Push the words to paper

Moments before the storm
He gave birth to something he can't hold
Can't cast it out, can't live without
And it's piercing his perception
Deliberate, yet inconceivable

Describe the circle you've created

Oblivious to the patience
But acknowledging the need to structure
To retrace and reframe
Results in his personal fracture

It's not ok, reciprocate

Before the storm
He gave birth to something he can't hold
Can't cast it out, can't live without
And it's piercing his perception
Deliberate, yet inconceivable
This exit wound calls him home

And as I heard you stutter
I drowned you harder
I finished what I started
I drowned you harder

Moments after the storm
His pieces return to form
And if he's brave to look inside
He'll find the missing picture

Moments after the storm
This exit wound calls him home
Won't cast it out, or live without
Won't be scared to let it linger
Deliberate, yet inconceivable
This exit wound calls him home.

Through day and night, under our eyes again
we grow and we crawl, under our eyes again
Track Name: Say Goodnight
Now, just before the sun hits his face
He laid down all the patterns
Million stars above his head
His pins away in boxes

His past now stares him in the eye
If only to remind him
That scattered pieces fall back in line
But some leave a trace to tie him

To things that made him who he is
And show what he will be
To look back and understand
More so what happens now

It's okay to stay indoors
You won't be happy all the time
Bridges burn but you understand
It should happen from time to time

Doesn't scare me today
I'll feel this over and over
Pick a role and sustain
Know that I don't know

The sun will hit his face
and shine down all his patterns
Stars will hide above his head
His pins will stay in boxes

Awake at night he thinks it's alright
There's a lot left to unravel
"Isn't that always the case?" and a grin on his face
It's time to stop and say goodnight

To what once he felt
To what he'll feel again
To whom he ever cared
They'll be here tomorrow

To all the worrying he did
To all the lives that he lived
To all the places his mind
Went and drowned in sorrow

To all the love that he missed
To all this war and peace
To all the time it took
To move on to tomorrow

Say goodnight.